Getting Your Scuba Skills Ready For Spring

How to sune up your scuba skills

The mercury is slowly inching its way into warmer temperatures, and your scuba gear’s all ready. But how are those dive skills? Still fresh after the off-season? In a previous article, we covered how to prepare your gear for the coming of the spring, and with it, the dive season. But the dive equipment is […]

Tuna Farming – Where does your sushi come from

Articles, 4 Comments April 8, 2014
Tuna farming for Sushi

The sun was beating down pretty hard. A storm from the day before had left its mark on the shallows by the hotel in Malta. The visibility had significantly deteriorated, turning a snorkel into more of a face down swim. I used this as the perfect opportunity to investigate something that had been spoken about […]

Getting scuba gear ready for a dive season

Getting Your Scuba Gear Ready For Spring

Scuba Gear 1 Comment

Spring is coming, and for many, this signals the beginning of the scuba diving season. Follow our guide to see how to prep your ge...

All about the Scuba Diving in the Strait of Tiran

Scuba Diving the Strait of Tiran

Finding yourself in Sharm el-Sheik and looking for some more advanced diving than what the house reefs in Na’ama Bay can offer? ...

Great Barrier Reef is closing for all divers

Articles, 8 Comments April 1, 2014
Barrier Reef Clam Gardens

Did you ever get to dive at Great Barrier Reef? If not it just might be to late now as Australia is banning all diving at the reef. We ask: is this fair? This was of cause an April fools joke – Great Barrier Reef are (to the best of our knowledge) not closing. However, […]

Diver forcing puffer fish to puff up.

Dive guide Scares Puffer fish to get it to puff up

Articles 3 Comments

This video was shared to on our Facebook page with a question, if this was dangerous behavior. When I saw this I got so...

Walking shark new discovery

Walking shark: Evolution is still going strong

Articles Leave a comment...

Dr. Mark Erdmann from conservation internationals discovered a new species of walking sharks. Now that’s a first. This shark dis...

Diving in Sydney: Delightful Suburbia diving

Australia, 1 Comment March 25, 2014
Scuba diving in Sydney

When you think of Sydney, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is not the diving, but likely the world famous Sydney Opera House. However, Sydney is home to many world class dives where you will find weedy sea dragons, sea horses, pajama squid, blue ringed octopus, wobbegong sharks and so much more. […]

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